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City, Valcea County seat, located on terraces on the lower right Olt, in the flow of the river Olanesti, Tntr a depression intracolinara belonging subcarpathian Vâlcea. Hills slow strajuiesc city: Hill Mountain (450 m) to N, Iuga Hill (574 m) in the NW extension to Chapel Hill (Paturoaia) (550 m) to near the city, the SV Hill Petrisor (Licurici) (462 m) was, in the E is located on the Olt River waters that have been arranged lakes Ramnicu Valcea in NE and SE Raureni in town. Altitude, the city takes place between 225 m in S in the Olt valley and 300 m to Chapel Hill (Paturoaia).


Ramnicu Valcea is located on a rail and road route circulated that insofeste Olt valley, and the derivation is in the Valcele construcfie (39 km long) will be joncfiunea its axis railway Curtea de Arges Pitesti-Bucharest. The municipality is situated 77 km and the 87 km of railway nodes Podu Olt in N and in S. Olt Pi'atra DN 7 / E 81, the city is situated 99 km from Sibiu, 35 km Brezoi , 18 km from Calimanesti, 18 km DN 64a Baile Olanesti, DN 67 to 5 km from mines Mari, 16 km from Baile Govora and Horezu 43 km and 55 km of DN 64 Dragasani.

Ramnicu Valcea is not only a location representative of tradifionale new architecture, but at the same time, a cultural center with roots very rich and deep. Here, in 1705, Antim Ivireanul (c. 1660-1716), metropolitan of fari Wallachia (1708-1716), scholar of infiinfat a chapel where he printed in 1787 the first grammar of Romanian language "or Observations on the lookout oranduielilor grammar rules and Romania ", written by Ienachita Vacarescu (c. 1740-1797); infiinfeaza in 1719 to a school that funcfionat until 1813 and then since 1816, in 1883 a vocational school, a gymnasium in 1891, future high school. Municipiul today has more schools (known as "Old Mircea eel" and "Lahovari"), two universitaji private schools overall, two houses of culture. Teatrul popular (with sections drama, operetta and dolls), libraries, museums etc.

Ramnicu Valcea is among the oldest towns in Romanian Jara, (upon men for the first time in a charter of Mircea the Old eel May 20 1388 (1396, after other sources), and later, on 4 September 1389, the ruler il menjioneaza as "city Ramnic my reign." Loc mostly circulated where jntalneau roads came from the valley of the Olt, Arges and Subcarpatii Olteniei, offered condijii favorable settlement valcene development that has evolved rapidly from village to town and then to city with an intense commercial and cultural viafa.


Its importance, to pozifia Geographical 1-settled in the way many rulers, not the 1-devious: Vlad T ^? " ^ ^ Eel Mai'e, Vlad the Monk, Neagoe Basarab Patrascu eel Good, the Afumati Radu, Michael the Brave, Matei Basarab, Constatin Brancoveanu to, and later Alexandru Ioan Cuza. In S city, from early August until on September 23. 1848, functioned as "the Trojan camp. The desire to achieve an armed revoluponarilor headed and then dissolved by General Magheru. End of sec. XIX and marks the first appearance of industrial units.

Besides Ramnicu Valcea in the city are still part 9 localities, together constituting an urban center with a population of 118 877 inhabitants (1995). The city is today a "fortress" of the Romanian industry, where operating nuraeroase companies, many of major economic najionala. The most important industries and enterprises, grouped in general on platforms located in S, E and NE in near Oltului are: electric power industry (thermal "Govora of 207.5 MW of hydropower on Olt.


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