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On the track, Oradea is 650 km from the capital at 153 km from Cluj-Napoca, at 121 km from Arad, and 133 km from Satu Mare. The road is on DN 1 / E 60 to 12 km Bors (border point! Hungary) against distances (from other cities is approximately equal to the railway: 153 km from Cluj-Napoca, 121 km from Arad ( DN 79 / E 671) and 131 km from Satu Mare (DN 19). Oradea has regular flights to the capital by plane, and season to season directly. Old cultural center in the Oradea funcfionat a chapel since 1565, and 1640 brought another new in the Netherlands.


The first Romanian school in the year 1733, their number increasing towards the end of sec. XVIII. At the end of sec. XVIII (1778) to be Oradea infiinjeaza Academy of Law. Programmatic document of the movement "Supplex Libellus Valachorum" (1791) was drafted under the Oradea Tndrumarea his Ignatie darab. In the Enlightenment era, Samuil Vulcan, which has supported the Transylvanian corifeii School of infiinjat Romanian Academy stiinfifica. In the decade of the new sec. XVIII were founded normal Romanian School, which became, after 1848 "Preparandia. In the year 1852 to infiinfat "reading society" under his Tndrumarea Alexandra Roman, in the second half of sec. XIX and beginning of sec. XX appeared: "The archeology and history, meeting cantari hilarious" (1857 ), "Despar |! education oradean of Astra" (1900) and Literary Society "Tomorrow," After the First World War are other cultural asociafii: Meeting "The three Crisuri" Asociafia "West Romanesc" (1928), the Association "Friends of Music "(1923), the Philharmonic Society (1923).


The secondary schools become General School "Em. Gojdu and Normal School!, Also funqtionand! Three city academies (one national and two theological). Among the most important magazines! Was "Family" (published! In 1865), based on Oradea in 1880, under leadership of Joseph Vulcan. Among institutions, in the year 1928 is infiinfeaz! Theater of Oradea, continuing tradijiile oldest existing. After 1945 resume activity Theater West, and from 1955 to infiinfeaz! State Theater with the Department of Romanian and Hungarian. From 1945 pin! in 1954 fiinteaza Conservatory of music and dramatic arts when merging! the School of Fine Arts taking beings (! School! Art. Also, 1950 was fiinjat Theater Dolls. Oradea in 1963 became the university center, by establishing Pedagogic Institute, who worked in a college (three sections), this works! University of the West 8 facultafi. Education school has 22 schools with various profiles.


A rich cultural and artistic activity? place! city folk orchestra music! "Crisana" State Philharmonic, folk ensembles "Bihar, Bihor Nuntasii" and "Lioara. Certified in 1133, Oradea settlement is an old Romanian perimeter in which were found traces of ancient habitation (Neolithic, Thracian, Dacian, Dacian-Roman and Roman). Other archaeological discoveries attest to continue living in the local population throughout the millennium, is imposing Biharea as formajiei center of the Romanian state led by Menumorut. As the city is mentioned in 1235, because in 1324 to appear as CIVITAS. In the following centuries, due! pozifiei its advantages in comparison with the main trade routes the city grow! reaching in sec. XVII one of the shopping centers of Central Europe. Conquered by Turks in 1660, occupied by the Habsburg in 1692, Oradea known in the next century Iupte major social and najionale (antihabsburgice uprisings of the period of 1690-1711, led by Rascoala Horea, Closca and Crisan, 1784). Manifestable solidarity with the movement revolujionara from 1848 and memorandista movement were present in the city viaje.


In Oradea was prepared on 12 October 1918, the "self Declarafiei of Romanians in Transylvania, Banat, Crisana and Maramures, the Executive Committee of the Party Nafional Roman text was presented on October 18 in the Parliament Budapest. Oradea Municipiul record, in 1995, 222 994 inhabitants. Strong economic center, Oradea, characterized by a diversified industry, with companies recognized in the country and abroad ( "Alor" - alumina; Infrafirea "- machine-tools; Premagro - mechanics," plastic "- plastics; "Synthesis" - paints and varnishes; 01impia "and" classic "- Shoes" Oradinum - confecjii "Criortex - textiles; Rovex - furs; Alfa Furniture - woodworking; together (and the food industry ). In large proportion changed (ie, the city has many neighborhoods dating from the socialist!, like the west Decebalus Cantemir Nufarul. Oradea, the picturesque location, old buildings, modern construcfiile, museums etc.. is one of the main centers of ATRAC (ie NV fari. Among sightseeing Museum should be Tdrii Cri $ s, which includes sec) ii history, ethnography, art! and natural science and which continues a museum appeared old! in the second half of the last century (in 1872 are first expozifie History).


S seat! U is, in 1971, in the former Episcopal palace, built in Baroque style between 1762-1776 and considered a reply! Vienna Belvedere Palace. It includes: Secjia of history through exhibits, exhibits and documents presented evolujia the human society in this area fari. A central place in expozifie il deal! evidence on his Menumorut Voivodeship (layout cetafii Biharea parts discovered in the period, scraps of Anonymus) and on the move! countries social liberation! and nationwide! of Romanians in Bihar, their fight for national unitary state faurirea novel. Department of Ethnography includes pieces representing the original ceramic art and woodworking, folk, religious objects and interior peasant (homes from Pietroasa, Sicula, dressed). Secfia of art! consists of the art gallery! Romanian and universal gallery! and offers the visitor creafiei artistic works of modern and contemporary Romanian (Th. Pallady, N. Tonitza, Gh Petrascu, C. Ressu, I. Iser was in the interwar period, Corneliu Baba, Al. Ciucurencu, I. Tuculescu, V. Geza its post-war period), as well as works of art! representing French schools!, hungry!, german, italian! and Austrian.


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