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Special deals and car rental prices (VAT included)

Here you can find the best rental rates. We include in our prices all fees and insurances, the cost of delivery and pickup, VAT, legal taxes and everything else. Feel free to explore our offers and find the car which suits your needs. Do not forget that all our prices are all inclusive.



What do we offer?

Are you looking for a new rental car, which can be delivered free of charge at the airport or at your hotel? Here you can find the lowest price in Romania, guaranteed.

Unlike other car rental companies in Romania, our prices already include all taxes and surcharges, namely 24% VAT, unlimited mileage, insurance, RCA, Casco insurance supplement and vignette.

In addition there are no payment related commissions. We can currently process payments with credit or debit cards (ATM cards) Visa, Mastercard or Maestro but we also accept cash payments. If you do not want to pay in lei (RON), you can pay in EURO, USD or CAD, with 0% commission. The exchange rate is guaranteed to be the best one in the city, since for the conversion we use the rate displayed by the National Bank of Romania.

We are currently the only car rental company in Romania which includes all fees and commissions in the rental price, and therefore we have no extra or hidden fees. If you want to pick-up or drop off the car at night or outside business hours, you can request this option, which is free. In addition to this, the airport delivery is also free of charge.

What do our prices include?

  • - VAT 24%
  • - free delivery and return at the airport (paid 2 times)
  • - full CASCO insurance (no liability voucher)
  • - vignette
  • - no extra charges for unlimited mileage
  • - free delivery outside business hours
  • - 0% payment commissions


You can currently rent a car with us in several major cities of Romania. if you want to pick up your car from Otopeni Airport, Baneasa International Airport or from the cities of Bucharest, Ploiesti, Pitesti, Sibiu, Brasov, Buzau, and Valcea, feel free to place your booking. If you want a car in another city, the delivery is not free. In this case we will charge you for the cost of used fuel between Bucharest and your city of choice.

Why choosing us?

  • - we only rent brand new cars
  • - we offer all the services included in the base price
  • - compared correctly, our prices are among the lowest on the market
  • - we have no hidden fees.


If you find a lower rental price for an identical car with another company, please contact us. When comparing fees do not forget that all our cars are brand new (old cars can be a real hassle, and many other companies do not offer a replacement car in case something goes wrong ). Also do not forget to check if the price includes VAT (most operators do not include in their prices the 24% VAT). Also check if the company is offering included in the price a 0 liability voucher, and which is their policy related to payment commissions, and currency conversion rates.

Our mission is to "offer affordable and brand new rental cars with free delivery and collection".


Why using our Rent a Car Agency ?


  • - find out more information about the best rental deals
  • - read accurate travel guides for romanian cities
  • - place a reservation with a trusted agent
  • - obtain additional discounts for future bookings
  • - get a discount voucher valid for 20 hotels in Romania (up to 10%)
  • - obtain a rent a car 0 liability voucher



Euro Car Rental
Main Office
205 Calea Mosilor
Colentina, Bucharest   020861
Phone +40 732 545 342(only online reservations receive discount)