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Not far from Suceava, you can find the city of Iasi and it's a church built by Stefan Cel Mare in 1503 on the place where his father died, Bogdan II. At about 9 km is reserve floriculture Bosanci-Ponoare (24.5 ha), located on Hill Strambu with species.


Flag Siberian (Irissibirica) frasinel (Dictamnusalbus) Jalesul steppe (Salvia nutans), etc.. 0 other rezervafie floriculture Beauty located at 6 km, protect, on 9.5 ha, different plant species aparjinand area interferen | aa Nordic flora with the south-western (Adonis vernalis, Iris caespitosa etc.). Ilisesti (17 km, resedinfa Ciprian Porwnbescu village), where a church was built by the great medelnicer Ionascu Isacescu in 1714, after another 6 km on DN 17, is located Popasul tourist Ilisesti. Ciprian Porumbescu (23 km), former village Stupca where family talentatului composer ( born 1853 in TN SJpotele Sucevei), whose name it bears today, came in 1865, here is the museum complex "Ciprian Porumbescu" including § memorial house and museum house of sec. XVII; museum preserves scores, letters, piano, cello, photos, etc..

Accommodation for tourists in the city is possible in S. Balada hotels, Bucovina, Suceava, S's Ark, Youth on tour Popasul $ trand.Top (22 km Orbeasca village), where I see traces of a Geto-Dacian fortresses. Branceni (11 km), with a church painted by George Tattarescu; Zone A populated with pheasants. Nice (22 km), where the traces of a building during Mircea eel Batran. Frasinet (29 km, common BabSiJa), where there is a culS, Bujoreni (31 km), with a wooden church in 1711.


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