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City, seaport city-, county seat of the same name, situated at the Black Sea shore, which occupies a peninsular area oriented NW-SE and a continentals, both belonging to the edge E of South Dobrogea Plateau, Lake Tntre Siutghiol in N and 's in an alignment range Movila Sara groom and his Movila Nova. Altitudes in the city that has grown between ranges 0.5 m area in the port E-SE, and about 60 m TN area occupied by V. C municipality, including Palazu Sea and the mother is 12 864 ha.

One of the most complex and important transport nodes (rail, road, sea, air, special) of the country, a gateway to "the infinite blue, C is located at 226 km per track and 265 km and E 60 E 85 (at Giurgeni-Vadu ÓÌÌ), DN 261 km 3 (at Calarasi-Ostrov), or about 235 km through Lehliu-Gara, Fetesti, Cernavoda Bucharest, 59 km and 62 km on DN 22 and DN C 3 of Cernavoda, 35 km and 39 km on DN 22 and DN C 3 Medgidia, 14 km and 14 E 87 Eforie Nord, 17 km and 18 km E of 87 Eforie Sud, 43 km and 43 km E 87 of Mangalia, 21 km E 85 and DN 22 B Navodari, 16 km and 57 km Techirghiol DN 38 Negru Voda, 57 km E on 87 May 2, 61 km E Vama Veche 87 and 125 km DN 22 Tulcea. Mihail Kogalniceanu International Airport, which scrveste city, lies 25 km away from it.

Cultural tradition! has deep roots, which can record a name illustrious Ovid (43 BC-c. 17 en), latin poet who lived during the last years of life (8-c. 17 en) on these lands. Today, the city is the university center and cercelarii stiintificc: has the "Ovidius" University, the state with 5 faculties and 4 colleges and two institutes of higher Invajamant private. Invajamantul constantean has 22 high schools (School Pedagogy - 1893, "Mircea eel Batran - 1896 etc..), 47 general schools, vocational schools, etc.. The city operates: Dramatic Theater (with a secfie, Puppet Theater); lyric theater (with the Symphony Orchestra section); Fantasio Theater magazine (with a section of classical ballet and contemporary).

The best known of activities coast cullurale are large organized manifestable TN tourist season in the city and outside in his Pontica , Decade disk Romanian camp annual painting (1973), the Romanian music easy Mamaia, festival song and folk dance, folk art fair, gala film was animated.

On an ancient hearth-housing Getae if venifi Greek colonists from Milet have Tntemeiat, TN sec. VII-VI I.e.n., Tomis Fortress. Time with role polis (city-state), Tomis experienced a tumultuous history: conquered by the Romans led by Varo Lucullus TN 72-71 BC, then to TN Burebista year 44 BC, is back under the domination of Rome Roman General Crasnes in 29-28 BC In sec. II-I T.e.n. reach a large Tnflorire, making the towering fortress to resist the attacks of migratory populations the second half of sec. Ill e.n. Capital of the Roman province of Scythia, tn the time of Diocletian, fortifications fortress will be reinforced later by Justinian (527-565), meat will face new attacks from the populations of migratory sec. VI-VII. Now instead of the stop-Byzantine fleet, the city is then part of the Romanian borders, TN during Mircea eel Batran. In the year 1420 is occupied by Turkish until 1877, obtaining independents state of Romania, when returns from ancient Romanian and abroad when towering fortress-port, reached a settlement anonymous, will wake up again to life.

Constanta, with a population of 348 269 inhabitants (1995), is the second city of the country after Bucharest, eel largest port and shipyard in the country, one of the most important economic center in Romania. Among the many industries, with dozens of units that form the economic picture of this fortress of the Romanian industry, the most important are: Construction Machinery (shipyard, Meconst '- naval mechanics), chemistry (Chimpex "," Energy "), building materials (" Celco - prefabricated concrete), wood (Furnimob, Mobitom), pulp and paper (Palas), textiles (Tomistex "wool;, Dobrogeana context" ), garments ( "Calypso", "Light"), food etc.. C. eel is greater seaport of the country and the Black Sea basin. open a window to nemarginirea blue waves of the sea. In here are the greatest part of Romania's exports and imports (60%).

The current port successively developed, has an area of about 800 ha, of which 700 ha smulse of sea water, 75 modern equipped dane who can simultaneously berth 60 vessels, there is possibility of handling about 120 000 t per day goods. a dense network of railways and roads which amounts 400 km. Trafficking Tnregistrat C. In port at the end of 1995 was 34.85 million t goods; were anchored in port 4 231 ships, which the state ranks 8 in Europe


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