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Brasov, seat counties | map of the same name, is situated at the foot of Tampa Mountain, 955 m (a spur of limestone Massif Postavaru, 1 799 m, which presents an imposing steep, almost vertical for about 400 m, S City TN) Tntr a zone of contact-mountain depression (Depression Brasov).

Maximum altitude in perimeter is built up to 720 m in the valley Schei, and the minimum falls to 535 m on interfluviul of Timis and Ghimbasel, TN Part I of the town. City develops, tn general, the Timis valley Tntre E, S and Tampa Ghimbasel the V-NV. Core city, where ancient market shine around our house, contained Tntre Black Church and Ecaterina Gate, to which the document refers in 1235, and today preserves the ancient settlements that evolve Tmprejmuila the walls.

From this core, the city has gradually loose due north, to E, in the valley Schei, including settlements as old Schei (aflala Tntre hills and Paticel GORITA), Brasov old Bartholomew and later Blumana TN NE neighborhood, including the perimeter or TN hills Sprenghi , Warthe, village, snails, Morilor. Along with old buildings that TSI proudly displays the patina centuries have been built new buildings that dominate caitierelc Zizin, tractor, Michael the Brave, Railway Station, New, Morii Hill, or the audience they Timis-yards, Darste, village, Schei, Warthe etc.

Brasov is an important junction of railways and roads through the cobweb which distinguish several directions: Bucharest 166 km on railway and 168 km on E 60; Fagaras 65 km and 66 km on DN 1; Sighisoara 128 km and 116 km E 60. Miercurea Ciuc-95 km and 101 km DN 12; Zarnesti 27 km and 24 km on DN 73 and DN 73; Intorsura Buzaului 36 km and 43 km on DN 10.

Geographical position of B. ccntrul in the country, in the Carpathians and the curvature of the interference areas (near Brasov mountain and depression) with specific resources and especially the establishment of good ties favored by commercial and passers passes Oituz, Intorsura Buzaului, Bratocea, Predeal Giuvala, Tusnad, Racos have boosted the development of early settlement. The city has imposed on the convergence of trade routes (the Ghimes of Buzaului of Teleajenului of Timis, the Prahova, Bran, etc.) slabilind permanent link Tntre lands transcarpalice, the Danube, the Siret and beyond in the Balkans or the Mediterranean basin.

Home menfiune documentary attests il in 1235 (1271 sources). City polarizeaza commercial activity in the area of Carpathian-Danubian-Pont 1364 TN privilege to have annual fair, in 1368 Vlaicu Voda, Mr. Wallachia, signed a trade agreement with Brasov "neighbors and friends so dear, agreement renewed in 1413 by Mircea eel Batran; agreements Tncheiate Bun Alexandru eel and Stefan cel Mare TN 1421 and 1457 respectively. History recorded many events which come to acknowledge the role of the first rank-1 had, by centuries, this ancient city in Romania: political alliances Vlad Tepes (1456, 1460), Neagoe Basarab (1517), Radu Serban (1611) Diet of Transylvania with Mr Unification Michael the Brave (1600); revolt against the Habsburg (1688); place of action of leaders revolutionaries in 1848, strong had echoes here of the Union 1859; active participation in the war of 1877; participation of delegafi at the meeting on 1 December 1918 in Alba Iulia, Congress general trade unions in Romania in 1921.

Cultural valences amplified and continue old traditions: In Scheii city, real hotbed of culture, in 1495, is first attested scoalaromaneasca: Neacsu his letter of Campulung (1521), sent judelui Hall, Johannes Benkner, price document written in English.

Personalities Brasov

Ion Bogdan (1864-1919), philologist and historian, academician, Stefan O. Iosif (1875-1913), poet. This cultural center tn which school has a secular age, has 20 schools, 14 vocational schools, the university center: state university, university particulars, a house of culture, a library with six branches, five cinemas. B. In 1978, organizes the annual "national festival of contemporary theater; TN June is International Festival of light music" Golden Stag "TN May of each year is a beautiful manifestation etnofolclorica," junior attendants Brasov "September is" Fair Craftsmen.

Characterization of economics, social, cultural, etc.. this city can continue Tncepe using only superlatives. B. is the seventh city of the country, with 322 977 inhabitants (1995) and the best man economic center. In sec. XIV organizaji craftsmen were in about 30 guilds in 1546 the first "paper mill" because later, in 1894, operating 158 factories here. B. Today, strong industrial center, continuing tradijia, concentrated with factories and plants large share in the economy najionala. variety of industries are: Construction Machinery (ii ( "Roman", "tractor", "Rulmentul, hydraulics, IAR, Metaloplast" Romradiatoare, IUS) Chemistry ( "Fartec, technical articles, rubber), cosmetics (Norvea) refinery (Subrifin"), wood (Prodlemn "), textiles (Carpatex, Pantex), knitwear (Iason "), leather and footwear (" Tino "," Tamiv) construcfii materials ( "foundation", "Romaco"), food etc.

Along with a rare natural beauty he Tnsusi an objective of great tourist attraction of the cultural and architectural value of tourism, define real gems here that we will mention a few: the distinctive shape, at the foot of Tampa, stravechiul time . f Tnconjurat by medieval walls, with towers and bastions fragmentarily preserved, which can be seen, today Tnguste the streets, old buildings, fortresses TN miniature tile, the walls closed Tnalte hide and wet why courts out of the sun. In the former center of the city, the trapezoidal shape, is a traditional market where TN 1420, began construction in successive stages, of what today we call our house, originally belonging to the guild skinner, becoming the seat of city government. SV from the front, where TN is the current entry County Museum on frontispiciul a loggia in the baroque style, is the old town Sterna.

On the southern side of the market is an edifice built in 1545, Casa Hirscher, for trade, monumental building, very well preserved, with three levels: basement, floor, floor, TN, which was arranged a complex of restaurants and cafeteria, "Stag Carpathian. "In the SV market is an architectural monument and a remarkable value: Neagrd Church - Gothic edifice built of friable sandstone, a great impressive: 98 m long, 37 m wide.


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