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City of Arad, and main county of the region with the same name, is situated on the banks of the river Mures. Arad is probably the most important entry point to Romania for the road transport, and the city benefits from the flow of trucks and buses greatly, being one of the most rapidly growing economies in Romania. Its proximity to Hungarian borders also brings Arad many tourists and travellers, who find themselves in need for a rental car.

Arad is indeed located very close to the borders of Hungary, but also two other large Romanian cities. The distance is approximately 50 km from Timisoara and 115 km from Oradea. The city is defined by heavy traffic - railway, roads as well as airplanes. Since the city has an a modernized airport, officialy called the Arad International Airport, there are daily flights to Bucharest.

Arad is closely interconnected with Hungary by its rich history. The city belonged to the Hungarian kingdom, but was seized by the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century and through time it was basically controlled by different forces, depending on who gained on power in this restless region of Transylvania. Arad was definitely allocated to Romania in 1920 by the Trianon Treaty, but its population remains a clear prove for the more than colourful history. Nowadays, almost 14% of the population of Arad are Hungarians.

Arad is a rich city, with two universities founded in the 20th century - Aurel Vlaicu and Vasile Goldis, and more than twenty high schools, including Hungarian and German speaking schools.

In the first half of May, a famous celebration called "Arad Spring festival" is organized, full of cultural and artistic exhibitions (first edition was held in 1969). Arad is proud of its Philharmonic orchestra and also the theatre scene, residing in a historical building of Ion Slavici Theatre.


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